Past and Present

 Our first show for 2 years on 6 January 2018 and a great day for Chegayan My Chum Chester gaining 2 Challenge Certificates.



Weaver is now a Champion! 
Weaver Show




Well Done to Woodypaws Ragdolls on making Chegayan Theodore a Grand Champion.




It is with Great Sadness that I have to announce the loss of my beloved 'Pip'.


He will always be in my heart, he was my first ragdoll stud and such a wonderful boy.  








Champion Emerisle Pied Pyper


20 July 2002 to 12 February 2010








We have had sad news that our darling boy Grand Champion Grayshus Blue Moon (dad to several of our cats) who retired and was being totally spoilt by Robert has passed away.   We are all shocked and will miss him dearly and our thoughts are with you Robert.




 'Goodnight' Mr Blue






A Very Proud Day - Our first homebred Champion 


Izzy went to her first show on 29 January 2011 and got her first challenge certificate.  Her second show was also a success and she gained her second CC!!  Following a little time off due to us moving house Izzy is now our first homebred CHAMPION!




izzy at show 




Below is Chegayan Bluebelle at 5 months,  litter sister to Chegayan Izadoring.


misty older




Another little cracker below, Adecilo Herve Ofchegayan 














Purdy is now over the rainbow bridge.  She was one of our special girls being mum to Gertie. 

Meet our new little blue tabby bicolour boy from Stan and Fifi

Chegayan Hugo's Da Boss




Our lovely  Champion Adoring Dreamweaver
 Chegayan Dolly Daydream

 ladyinred que sera

Chegayan Que Sera our red bicolour named in memory of my mum who passed away in November 2012.  This little girl was quite ill at the time and made it through and as her name says - what will be - RIP Sassy my sweet little love.   
Chegayan Ourman Stan
age 7 weeks  at  2lb 10oz
stan on bed  
Stan age 6 months  at  7lb
stan laying 16 month 
Stan relaxing at 16 months
Stan was the biggest in his litter and is still a big boy with that soft, loving ragdoll nature.  You can see from the photos above, the progression in colouring and bodyshape as they mature. 
Below you can see the transformation of Champion Chegayan Izadoring from Jasmin and Blues litter. 
inca looking
Champion Chegayan Izadoring at 5 weeks
Izzy on ladder
Izzy at 4 months
izzy 8 month Garden
Izzy at 8 months
Izzy at 12 months
Another lovely little girl with a beautiful nature, just like her mum Jasmin. 
Again you can see from the photos how the 'swan' like process takes time to
happen.  From the cheeky little kitten to the long legs, tail and body 'adolescent' stage to the final beauty that you will wait for a couple of years to see in full glory.